Ultimate Power CEO says the Hydrogen is essential for “Decarbonize”

Ultimate Power was invited by the news channel SIC for an Exclusive Interview, by the award-winning journalist Catarina Neves.


The challenge of green hydrogen. Portuguese company leads technology and exports equipment

The European Commission considers that green hydrogen is essential for implementing the European Ecological Pact.

The bet on green hydrogen has been announced by the Portuguese Government and the European Commission as the great goal for the coming years. In Portugal, there is already a small company that leads the technology and exports equipment.

The first hydrogen production unit for vehicles created by the Portuguese company Ultimate Power was, at the end of last year, being finalized to go to the customer, in the United States of America. The company guarantees that the unit is already installed and functioning.

Hydrogen is a gaseous chemical element with no smell, color or taste. It has been used in industry for years, although more than 90% is still produced from fossil fuels.

Much is now said about green hydrogen, which results from electrolysis through renewable sources. The electrolysis of water is the decomposition of H2O into hydrogen and oxygen.

The European Commission has already said that hydrogen is essential to achieve the European Ecological Pact, which is Europe’s response to the challenge of climate change.

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