Technology that reduces fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions

Save Fuel, and Help in Saving the Planet.

Ultimate Cell is a hydrogen technology, applied to all internal combustion engines and developed in four versions that can be installed in cars, boats, logistics trucks, buses, generators, and in industrial machinery to reduce energy consumption and harmful gas emissions.

This dynamic and smart hydrogen production system – as it promotes the optimization of the internal combustion engines of diesel, gasoline, and LPG fuels alike – ensures fuel savings of more than 5% and reductions in exhaust gases of up to 80%.

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Tested to rigorous and uncompromising standards of efficiency, quality, and safety

This product has been independently tested to rigorous and uncompromising standards of efficiency, quality, and safety. Carried out by national and international highly referenced entities in the domain. Having obtained excellent results and certifications.

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This exclusive technology by Ultimate Power company is patented in Europe, within the scope of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), integrating insurance coverage of €5-million euros.

In the United States of America, Ultimate Cell has its patent issued under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and insured for €5-million euros. However, in Portugal, its national patent is issued by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)

Aplications and Products

Aplications Product Type of Use Results
INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES UCCE Light veicules 5% to 30% reduction in fuel consuption
50% to 80% reduction of polluting gas emissions
UCTE Heavy Veicules and Generators
UCBE Boats
UCLE Big Engines:
UTIS, a Secil and Ultimate Cell Joint Venture
UC3 Industry:
Ciment factories
Stell factories
Urban Solid Waste burning
Reduction in fuel consuption
Reduction of polluting gas emissions
Operational benefits and possibility of greater use of alternative fuels
Oil Cracking (Oil Refinning)
P2G (Power to Gas)
Under evaluation


How does the Ultimate Cell device work

When the engine starts, Ultimate Cell initiates an electronically controlled electrolysis process, resulting in the chemical separation of the hydrogen molecules, of which will subsequently be mixed with the engine’s feed-air, reaching the gas chamber, enriching the fuel mix and improving the combustion. The hydrogen molecules function as a catalyst to the fuel burn and combustion-optimizer, and Not as a fuel replacement. Avoiding neutral energy-balance. Given that hydrogen primarily creates a chemical effect within the combustion rather than a thermal effect.
However, the hydrogen chemical-effect to the combustion-reaction is converted into ancillary energy, of which bypasses the initial electrical-energy involved in generating this hydrogen – and NOT offset by it. The optimized combustion-reaction will decrease fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, and engine contamination caused by these emissions.

The sophisticated design of the hydrogen-production process occurs without adding significant additional electrical load on the electrical system of the vehicle, nor adding notable mechanical load on the engine. Reflecting the fact of which that the energy consumption of Ultimate Cell, while operating, is remarkably low, and ranges from 0.08A minimum to 0.70A maximum, and 0.01A on standby.
This equipment, and for safety reasons, must necessarily be, installed and recharged solely by technicians duly certified by the company.

Why is Ultimate Cell a Smart System?

Ultimate Cell version 3.0 is a dynamic and smart hydrogen production system. It is designed to produce hydrogen in response to driver throttle commands. The amount of hydrogen produced and injected into the engine, through its air inlet pipe, is constantly changing to best match the speed of the vehicle and its engine’s load. Hence delivering excellent optimization at all engine’s rpm measures.

of Ultimate Cell

The obtainable advantages
of choosing Ultimate Cell device, such as:

Suitable for all types of transportation vehicles

Cars, boats, trucks and industrial transports.

Short payback time

Fuel savings up to 50.000 km.

Significant reduction of engine noise and odors

An important advantage in leisure boats.

Contribution to the protection our environment

Reductions of up to 80% of exhaust emissions (CO2)

Reductions of more than 5% in fuel consumption.

Reduction of monthly fuel bil.

Increased engine efficiency with better engine responsiveness.

Smoother and quieter running engine.

Electrolyte longevity of 50,000km for land vehicles. Rechargeable.

Light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Electrolyte longevity of 1500 hours of operations in power generators and boats.

Small and medium-sized boats.

Authorized use by the Lisbon City council in the Reduced Emission Zone.

Qualifying cars manufactured between 1992 and 1999 to re-circulate in the Reduced Emission Zone (ZER) of Lisbon city.

More comfortable driving, with less gear changes.

Increased torque at low and medium speed.


Where to install the Ultimate Cell device

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