UCLELarge Engine3.0


Device to reduce fuel consumption in machinery and industrial transportation

More efficient engines, less environmental impact.

The Ultimate Cell – Large Engine (UCLE) is pioneering technical system, installed in machinery, engineering equipment, industrial transport, and large power generators. Delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 5% and reductions in harmful gas emission by up to 80%. The investment in the Ultimate Cell system as an improvement to the commercial fleet or machinery is an economically rewarding decision.

With the Ultimate Cell technique, the engine’s operation and its combustion reaction deliver an increase in torque. Resulting in quieter and smoother engine’s performance, and reductions in its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Reductions of more than 5% in fuel consumption

Reductions of up to 80% of harmful gas emissions.

Short payback time for capex decision makers.

Considerable savings on energy costs

How much can I save?

Try our simulator to make a profitability estimation with a device installation.


Optimizes the internal combustion engines of Diesel Fuel

This smart system optimizes the internal combustion reaction of diesel, gasoline, and LPG engines. It is applicable to trains and cargo ships, leisure and passenger boats (ferries), mega-sized Gen-sets and engineering equipment. And compatible with most brands and models.

Quieter and more efficient engine performance

Increase in engine’s torque at low and medium speeds.

Significant reduction of engine’s noise and odors.

Adequate with most machineries brands and models (new and old)

Contribution to the protection of the environment (ecofriendly).

Installation and Refill

The Ultimate Cell is equipment that ensures continuous operation for up to 50,000 km for road transport and 1500 hours for machinery applications – Rechargeable. However, for safety reasons, it must be installed and recharged by professionals duly certified by the brand.


This technology and its Chemical formulas underwent through strict and uncompromising tests by national and international highly referenced entities, and has achieved multiple certifications. With its patent insured for €5-million euros.

2-year warranty

Returns within 30 days period