Ultimate Cell: frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ultimate Cell technology here.

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Ultimate Cell is an internal combustion optimization device for diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, diesel and LPG engines, enabling fuel savings of over 5% and reductions of exhaust emissions by up to 80%.

You can buy and install your Ultimate Cell from our network of authorized installers, both in Portugal and abroad.

According to the current level of fuel consumption and typology of the target engine, it may be necessary to install more than one unit on the same engine. Multiple units’ assembly.

Where to Install

Ask the retailer for how much to budget, to equip your engine with Ultimate Cell technology. However, it is relevant to the displacement and typology of the target engine that you want to optimize.

The installation of Ultimate Cell is a quick task, always performed by a certified installer, to ensure maximum safety and obtain the best result.

Where to Install

Yes. The electrolyte is a strong alkaline solution and cannot be ingested. It may cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes and its handling must be done with care, using adequate protection to avoid any contact with the skin and eyes.

If an accidental spill occurs, the exposed areas should be thoroughly rinsed with water for 30 minutes. If you notice any burning or irritation, you should contact a health service.

The electrolyte supplied with your Ultimate Cell enables traveling for up to 50,000 km for road vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.). And ensures 1500h of continuous operations for machines, generators, industrial transportation (Trains) and Marine applications (ships, ferries …).

When the electrolyte is due for recharge, a red warning light will illuminate, indicating that electrolyte needs refill, of which frequently occurs every 50,000km cycle for road vehicles and every 1500 hours cycle of usage for commercial and marine applications. Please contact your nearest point of sale/installation centre to arrange the recharge.

You can purchase a supplementary electrolyte recharge from your installer, which ensures operation for additional cycle of 50,000km for road vehicles and 1500 hours cycle of usage for commercial and marine applications.

Your Ultimate Cell device has a two-year warranty under current legislation. The following situations are excluded from the warranty:

  • Damage caused by natural causes;
  • Damage caused by traffic accidents or other;
  • The damage caused by negligence or interference in the product;
  • All the consequences of abusive or different-to-purpose usage of that to which the article in question is addressed;
  • The mismatch of the article, to the purpose of which it’s due to changes made to the product (support structures/insertion), or changes made to the mechanics of the vehicle.