UCBEBoat Engine3.0


Device to reduce fuel consumption on boats

More efficient engines, less environmental impact.

The Ultimate Cell – Boat Engine Division (UCBE) is a pioneer device installed in boats and marine engines, delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 15% and reductions of harmful emissions gas by up to 80%.

This smart system is conveniently used in fishing boats (specialized in fishing all types of trawlers, tuna seiners, molluscs and longliners) and leisure boats (catamarans, yachts, launches motorboats, sailing and tourist boats, etc.).

Reductions of more than 15% in fuel consumption.

Reductions of up to 80% of harmful gas emissions.

Short payback period

Considerable savings on energy costs.

How much can I save?

Try our simulator to make a profitability estimation with a device installation.


Optimizes the internal combustion engines of Diesel Fuel

This revolutionary equipment optimizes the internal combustion engines of diesel, gasoline, ethanol and LPG fuels and is compatible with small and medium sized boats of all brands, makes and models.

Quieter and more efficient engine

Significant reduction of engine’s noise and odors.

Compatible with all types of boats, brands and models (old and new)

Contributes to a cleaner and greener boating experience.

Filled with electrolyte ensuring continuous operation for up to 1500h.

Instalação de UCBE

Installation and Refill

This innovative product ensures continuous operation for up to 1500 hours, significantly reduces marine engine’s noise and odors. However, it has to be installed and recharged only by professionals duly certified by the brand.

Patentes Ultimate Cell


The technology used (Chemical formulas) in Cell Ultimate – Boat Engine underwent through strict and uncompromising tests by national and international highly referenced entities, and has achieved multiple certifications. With its patent insured for €5-million euros.

2-year warranty

Returns within 30 days period