About Us

Ultimate Power

The Company behind the Revolutionary Ultimate Cell Technology.

Ultimate Power LDA (*) is the company behind the development of the revolutionary Ultimate Cell fuel-saving technology. The company was established in October 2012 and operates globally in 65 countries around the world. All Ultimate Cell products are made in the company’s manufacturing plants in Lisbon – Portugal. Ultimate Cell products, range in size, capacity, and target application.

Whether for cars, boats, trucks, power generators or industrial machines, its efficient and smart design makes it an effective catalytic supplement to enhance combustion chemical-reaction in internal combustion engines. Decreasing fuel consumption by more than 5%, lowering harmful exhaust emissions by up to 80%, and protecting the engine’s components from damaging carbon deposits.

This innovative technology has an international patent under the Cooperation Treaty of Patent (PCT) and the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization – Patent No. WO 2011/141 392 A1. And certified by multiple highly accredited entities, for its efficient optimization capacity to the internal combustion engine, whether gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol or LPG engines.

With our products, we intend to make a decisive contribution to the effective implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy, which aims to foster economic growth based on the use of alternative and sustainable energy resources.

We want to anticipate the trends that will change the country and the world. We have the means, the determination, and the audacity. Our transformation to Internationalized status and the growth of our innovative trend show that the company’s focus continues where it has constantly been ahead.

CEO, Vítor Gonçalo

However, this purpose advocates increasing the use of renewable energy, modernizing transport, reducing imports of oil products and lowering harmful emissions. Hence ensuring a smooth transition to a low carbon economy.
At the meantime, our business policy focuses on differentiated expertise and ongoing, oriented research to boost energy efficiency, protect the environment and reduce financial expenses with mobility and industry.
To sell and apply our solutions, and to provide direct support to our customers, we have established a cooperative network of partners and staff in Portugal as well as in five continents. Of which includes distributors, retailers, and installers duly accredited by the brand.

(*) Ultimate Power LDA is ISO9001: 2015 accredited company, certified by ABS Quality Evaluations, In. (ABS QE).


Ultimate Power’s mission is to develop equipment and services to which improve energy efficiency and save fossil fuel consumption. Reducing imports and promoting exports.

However, only by maintaining these substantial objectives, we believe it is possible for us all to contribute effectively to the economical, financial, technological, environmental, cultural and social development and growth of our countries.

At a human level, we aim to always offer our customers a work of excellence and create value to the corporate board and their shareholders. To our employees we ensure high levels of professional qualification and career development.


Our fundamental goal is to become a benchmark company in the field of energetic efficiency, ensuring performance based on trust of partners and customers, targeting profitability and sustainability.


Total Customer Satisfaction

Our core commercial-activity is oriented to well serve our customers. We genuinely believe that our product has to meet customer’s expectations, being relevant to their effective needs, also allowing effective savings. If, for any reason, our product do not meet the customers expectations, it can be returned within 30 days, from date of purchase, with full refund.

Social and Environmental responsibility

Precision, professionalism, and integrity are how we associate with our customers, our communities, and our partners. Whether this association established domestically or globally.
All our products are environmentally favourable. They contribute to a significant reduction to the environmental footprint of the automotive and industrial sectors.

Innovation and Competitiveness

Our goal is to maintain the lead in innovation and competitiveness while we ultimately present revolutionary technology, innovative equipment, and efficient services to our valued customers.
To maintain this lead, we take into serious consideration the feedback of stakeholders and continually invest in cutting-edge technological research. Always focused on factors such as creativity, open-mindedness, and a positive attitude.
All our products and services undergo rigorous tests and are certified by independent scientific entities of recognized national and international merits.

Strengthening Team Spirit

Communicate, recognize, share, inform, and understand individual work aspects as a part of a whole, are the factors that shape our work environment, assuming that each contribution is essential to the company’s success.

Professional Qualification

Commitment to the professional and personal development of our employees all. And to further support our entire network of our distributors, retailers and accredited installers.

Results Orientated

Compromise and diligence in achieving ambitiously economic and environmental goals, day after day.