Ultimate Power, now in America

Ultimate Power’s technology has opened its borders to be within everyone’s reach. What initially started as a national project in Portugal, spread to other countries that wanted innovation to be part of their enterprises. Today, we can fortunately announce that Ultimate Power has extended its borders to America.

What’s the reason of success?
Ultimate Power offers a device, Ultimate Cell, innovative on many ways. With few quantities of hydrogen in the engines, Ultimate Cell achieves a more complete combustion of fuel, guaranteeing significative advantages in today’s world: fuel intake reduction, knowing that a portion of it is lost during the process. A reduction that benefits both the engine and the enterprise’s economy. Plus, thanks to its technology, exhaust gas emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect, are reduced. In few words, Ultimate Cell implies a fuel and carbon footprint reduction, that industrially talking, is too big.

Ultimate Power Americas

Ultimate Power Americas is a Distributor of Ultimate Power, LDA. Ultimate Power was established in October 2012 with the purpose of investing in new technologies designed to optimize energy efficiency by reducing consumption, overall costs, and the carbon footprint.

Ultimate Cell’s versatility

The device is useful for gasoline, diesel, LPG and ethanol engines. In addition to that, there are three types of devices, depending on the engine’s size to guarantee the highest efficiency in terms of fuel and gas emissions reductions. Its maintenance is simple, and its installation does not require to engine alterations, just a connection to the electric system of the engine for its operation.

This is a brief explanation that allows us to see the advantages of acquiring an Ultimate Cell device. There’s no doubt that its worldwide diffusion is due to something special, different to the existing devices, that satisfies today’s demands. We are closer now, let progress begin.

For more information: www.ultimatepower-americas.com