Ultimate Power in Promoting Hydrogen

Ultimate Power recently became an associate of AP2H2 – Portuguese Association for the Promotion of Hydrogen, aiming to help promoting the introduction of hydrogen as an energy management tool, supporting the development of associated technologies and encouraging the use of hydrogen in commercial and industrial applications in Portugal.

> Disseminate and inform on hydrogen-related topics, through actions (seminars and other activities) not only among the business and scientific fabric but also among the population in general;

> Promote development in the field of hydrogen, through scientific research carried out in Portugal or in partnership with other countries;

> Represent the interests of its associates with other entities as well as interact with national and international entities on issues related to hydrogen;

> Contribute to creating and implementing legislation and regulations in the context of hydrogen, in collaboration with the competent entities.

We are very motivated to be part of this working group. We will give our best contribution and receive, with enthusiasm, the learning and the associated benefits.

The need and the challenge of the changes we are all experiencing make this theme, which we all share, a priority. We strongly believe that an excellent job will be done.