Ultimate Power Celebrates its 8th anniversary

It was on the 16th October 2012, that ULTIMATE POWER®, LDA, (www.ultimatecell.pt) was created, a Portuguese company founded with its own capital, with a family majority, whose strategy is based on increasing energy efficiency and reducing gas emissions pollutants to the atmosphere, contributing to a better world.

In this context, we were pioneers, worldwide, in the approach to the optimization of internal combustion with the introduction of reduced amounts of hydrogen in the intake air of the engine, without any intermediate storage in the system between production and the point of consumption. The equipment designed and produced by us, called Ultimate Cell®, is innovative and exclusive, with patented technologies worldwide, certifications by the most renowned international and national reference entities. Insurance policies cover all of them worldwide, including the United States and Canada.

In November 2013, the ULTIMATE CELL device® was approved by IMT for installation in road vehicles.

In 2014, the Lisbon City Council approved Ultimate Cell as a device to reduce polluting emissions within the scope of the REZ (Reduced Emissions Zone).

In the meantime, excellent savings results obtained in SECIL (www.secil-group.com/) heavy equipment and vehicles with our ULTIMATE CELL® devices and also obtained in cement kilns with a new system meanwhile developed and called “Ultimate Cell Continuous Combustion” (UCCC <> UC3) intended for industrial applications, And so, the company UTIS – Ultimate Technology to Industrial Savings (www.utis.pt), a joint venture between SECIL  and ULTIMATE CELL, was officially created in 2018 ® with 50% of the share capital of each company.

As a result of the constant investment in Research and Development, our company is always developing new products with innovative technological solutions that significantly increase the results obtained with the first versions of the systems launched to the market.

But here we are faced with a new and significant challenge launched by the Portuguese Government, with the EN-H2 (National Strategy for Hydrogen), with perfectly defined objectives until 2030.

We are sure that we will know how to give a convincing answer to this challenge, since the vast majority of us already have the technologies developed and proven on the ground, not only in Portugal but also in several dozen other countries.

In this domain, we created a system called UCHP® (Ultimate Cell Hydrogen Production) to produce green hydrogen for HRS projects (H2 Refuelling Stations, Oil Refining, and P2G (Power to Gas). We are currently finishing both first UCHP® equipment for the USA for HRS.

To conclude, a word of great appreciation to our excellent team of employees and is of the most elementary justice to include our distributors, resellers, and installers who have always believed in our project.

One of the great visionaries whom we consider to be a source of inspiration once said:

“Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.” – Steve Jobs.

This has been our motto since the creation of our companies, and we are certain that pursuing this path will bring very promising results for the company and for all those who work and cooperate with us.