Institutional brochure

New Marketing strategy to support the growth

There was an exponential increase in activity occurred in the last months, with exports representing more than 95% of sales and so the ULTIMATE POWER®, and ULTIMATE CELL® companies, adopted a new marketing strategy to support this growth.
In this context, a new promotional brochure called “Saving Fuel, helping the environment” was developed, presenting our current situation and the projects we intend to implement in short/medium term.
Outside the context of Continuous Combustion, the responsibility of the UTIS company, and in the face of requests from international companies, ULTIMATE POWER® started the elaboration of projects for other H2 application areas, of which we highlight:

  1. UCHP-ULTIMATE CELL HYDROGEN PRODUCTION PROJECT whose first application, already underway, will be the manufacture of two H2 production units to supply forklifts and logistics vehicles (HRS- Hydrogen Refueling Stations) running on fuel cells to be completed in the first 2020 semester for the USA.
  2. P2G PROJECT – POWER TO GAS already entirely conceived and elaborated and to be proposed for European community co-financing similar to projects that are being carried out in other Countries.