Ultimate Cell and the National Hydrogen Strategy on German TV – Canal ZDF

The German TV Channel ZDF broadcast a report on the Energy Transition in Portugal in which the National Hydrogen Strategy takes on relevance with massive investments planned in the short term.

The Minister of Environment and Energy Transition Eng. João Pedro Matos Fernandes and the CEO of our company Ultimate Cell Eng. Paulo Gonçalo has essential interventions.

This report further proves the importance that Ultimate Cell and Ultimate Power are having in designing, producing, and selling systems in Hydrogen applications for Internal Combustion Engines, for Continuous Combustion furnaces and boilers in the cement industries, power plants, paper, and others in collaboration with our partner UTIS, a joint venture between SECIL and Ultimate Cell.

We also produce the so-called UCHP-Ultimate Cell Hydrogen Production, much larger systems, for Hydrogen Refueling Stations, Oil Cracking, etc. that we are exporting to several countries, namely to the United States of America.