Ultimate Cell also in Continuous Combustion

ULTIMATE POWER is a company in constant R&D so that our products sold throughout the World are increasingly efficient in reducing the ecological footprint with significant reductions both in fossil fuels consumption as well as on greenhouse gas emissions.

On this date, we can say that we have effective solutions for all Internal Combustion Engines starting at the light vehicles up to the large industrial engines for generators, dumpers, ships, trains, heavy equipment and now also for Continuous Combustion – Ultimate Cell Continuous Combustion (UCCC) in all kinds of industries that consume fuel (furnaces, boilers, etc.). This UCCC device already has a patent pending but if we may, we quote an owner of a large Client of Ultimate Power-Americas that told me that this was a disruptive technology leading to a savings of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, our Worldwide Insurance coverage was increased from 2 million to 5 million Euros and in a very short time this insurance it will be spread out also for America and Canada.