Excavator Volvo EC290C

It is with great pleasure that we report that our Distributor SAVEFFICIT-DRIVING ENERGY LTD installed in a Volvo Excavator Model EC290C five ULTIMATE CELLS TRUCK ENGINE (UCTE).

The client where this installation was performed was the Lagoa Group located in Pombal, with activities in the mining market and commercialization of raw materials for the ceramic and glass industry, in the production and development of atomized pastes, commercialization of construction materials and production of electricity which provides to the grid and thermal energy that uses in its production process, using motor generators and turbines.

It was reported an average consumption reduction of 16.2% since that before consumed in average 18.5 litters/hour of diesel and with the installation of our equipment have reduced this value to 15.5 litters/hour.


Declaração Giratória PT