Launch of UCSS – Ultimate Cell® Smart System in Hamburg, Germany

A technical team of ULTIMATE POWER has been during the last weekend at Hamburg, in premises arranged by our Distributor in Germany Mr. Dirk Edelmann, launching and training installers for our latest technological development ULTIMATE CELL ® SMART SYSTEM (UCSS) which is an optimization device specific for engines with wide load variations, as the heavy trucks and buses. The device is constantly monitoring the instant fuel consumption with the use of flow meters producing gas according to the engine’s load.

With a very active and interested participation in this action, several distributors and some installers were present coming from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Iceland, Luxembourg, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Turkey.

Our company, based on the tests already carried out, is confident that this new product will be a major success for the market of heavy transport to obtain consistent fuel consumption and pollutant emissions reductions.

ULTIMATE POWER continues to invest heavily in R&D and on very short notice we will give you knowledge of the new products that are under development.