Cost-effective Hydrogen technologies, Made real in Portugal.

State Secretaries visit ULTIMATE POWER®, the Portuguese company that manufactures Hydrogen producing equipment.

The Secretary of State for Energy Dr. João Galamba accompanied by the Secretary of State for Economy Dr. João Neves visited the Portuguese company ULTIMATE POWER® (www.ultimatecell.pt) which has been proofing itself as one of the most innovative in the use of Hydrogen, with high profitability and efficiency ratios of its products, undermining those who are still skeptical about the use of Hydrogen.

Team, know-how, business models, innovation, rapid maturation of technologies, international recognition, are some of the key points that make ULTIMATE POWER® a showcase in the Hydrogen field, from Portugal to the World.

Throughout the guided tour, the visitors were able to witness the systems and devices from the already wide range of ULTIMATE CELL® products: from those produced for the optimization of light vehicle engines, to those of H2 production for Hydrogen Refueling Stations and other applications, passing by the industrial furnace and boiler optimization units, and last but not least, by the new devices for large engines optimization, such as locomotives, ships and large generators.

Touching the technology and the felling the bubbling of hydrogen from the units under test gets everyone exited, and the two Secretaries of State were no exception.

Then, followed a presentation and an open dialogue focused on the participation of ULTIMATE POWER® in the National Hydrogen Strategy, reinforcing the high interest that it represents, both to the company and to the country.

Since 2012, ULTIMATE POWER® has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of hydrogen generating devices. Initially to optimize internal combustion engines, in 2015 started the optimization of continuous combustion in the industry, establishing in 2018 a joint venture with the Portuguese cement group SECIL, founding the company UTIS® (www.utis.pt), for this branch.

Nowadays, and once again, facilities are becoming limitative for the exponential growth in production and sales, even in a pandemic period. The factory has never closed or had any incident caused by the pandemic, despite the enormous challenge that this virus imposes, which has forced the company to reinvent it´s action ways.

The launch of a new range of products, for large engines, and the beginning of a new business area: the production of hydrogen for external use, have required continuous hiring and personal growth of all personal, which up to this date counts with more than 30 partners, in addition to external consultancies and outsourcers.

The new range of products: UCLE (Ultimate Cell Large Engines), aims to the optimization of large engines, like the ones found in large vessels, locomotives, big generators, and other large equipment used for example in mining. These devices produce, on the spot and without storage, the hydrogen that will be added to the engine through the air intake, serving as a catalyst to optimize the combustion. This results in a reduction of harmful emission gases, as well as significant reduction in fuel consumption. UCLE is powerful example of a highly profitable environmental solution.

The new business area could not be more in tune with the excellent initiative of the EN-H2 (Portuguese National Hydrogen Strategy). ULTIMATE POWER® used its accumulated know-how on designing and manufacturing hydrogen generators and started a new line of business for the market of hydrogen as a commodity. Uses are the most varied, and in line with EN-H2: P2M (Power to Mobility), P2G (Power to Gas), P2I (Power to Industry).

This approach consists of containerized equipment, ready to operate, plug and play, which from electricity, preferably renewable, and water, produces hydrogen of highest quality, with purity up to 99.999%, and with an increasingly competitive unit cost. This concept considers a modular approach, meaning the units can be easily upgraded, exchanged, replaced or migrated.

Closing this honorable visit, João Galamba and João Neves, praised the team, the path, and the performance of ULTIMATE POWER®.

We all know the need for a major global change in mentalities, ways of living and technologies. but we must believe it is possible, and that is what ULTIMATE POWER® proves to be possible, every day: Reduce fossil fuels use and improve the environment, guaranteeing a sustainable future towards the decarbonization of our economy!